Rabbit Finance 2023 focuses on building an ecosystem that provides practical applications for the new and challenging DeFi 2.0 field.
The products will revolve around providing financial solutions to both retail investors and financial institutions.
Some outstanding products are in the process of being deployed:

Single Token Staking

Profitable savings solution for long-term investors, taking advantage of the power of compound interest to increase assets sustainably.

RBLP Token Provider

For those who provide cash flow in the ecosystem and receive RBLP tokens. In addition, they will receive attractive profits according to the revenue of the project through service fees in the ecosystem.

Multi-Token Accept

Scalable solution for medium and large investors, they can offer most of the popular currencies without converting to volatile tokens but still get a profit from the conversion to get RBLP.

Decentralized Exchange

Strengthening products and services to attract consumers to participate in the ecosystem helps the ecosystem's revenue to increase sharply, the profit for the financial participants of Rabbit Finance 2023 is also optimized.

NFTs Collection

Establishing a position in decentralized finance 2.0 through the issuance of NFTs with high ownership value, bringing enormous benefits to help the trading market become more exciting.


As an essential product to help create a more convenient means of trading for investors who own NFTs, the NFTs trading platform for various projects is integrated. to generate revenue for the ecosystem as well as profit for investors.

Lending/Borrowing DEX

The feature allows investors to increase financial leverage, optimize assets to trade decentralized tokens, and attract the cash flow of derivative customers.

DEX Wallet Apps

An easy tool to manage assets when centralized exchanges are showing signs of lack of transparency, DEX Wallet will be more trusted by investors, assets are guaranteed on the integrity blockchain system.

Rabbit Chain

The optimal development network in the ecosystem will be more secure when the side-chain is launched, gas fee savings and fast transaction speed when the ecosystem expands to more than 100 nodes.

Rabbit Decentralized Cloud

Targeting corporate customers, especially in the Blockchain field, there will be a lot of demand for data use through blockchain power, intelligent data sharing and management algorithms to help promote the digital industry. received more acceptance from many countries.