About us

Rabbit Finance 2023 - The leading DeFi 2.0 platform for anyone looking to generate daily, next-generation passive income based on the leading comprehensive liquidity protocol.
We aims to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) - the community that owns and controls Rabbit Finance 2023. The community controls the direction of the organization.
Rabbit Finance 2023 works through smart contracts that exist on blockchains that have been locked forever. This allows anyone to test Rabbit Finance 2023 is open source code while not allowing anyone to change it.
A smart contract is autonomous, which means it executes on its own, runs independently, without human intervention, only performing the tasks it has been programmed to do.
Rabbit Finance 2023 is not one of those typical Defi short-lived projects, it has a long-term vision and strong fundamentals.
All the mechanics and processes depicted in the following documentation can be subject to changes in order to make the protocol more sustainable and resilient.
The main purpose of Rabbit Finance 2023 is to offer the financial security, DeFi 2.0, Web3.0, NFTs System that is now lacking in the cryptocurrency world.
Last modified 9mo ago